The Sanskrit word for the heart center or chakra is anahata and can be translated as the “unbroken” or “unhurt.”  The meaning of the word suggests that although our “hearts” can be broken, they are never truly broken; our hearts our limitlessly resilient.  We strengthen our resilience by learning to listen more deeply to our hearts and mindfully honoring our emotional experience.  Exercising the mind-body through movement can help support embodied emotional process and stress reduction.  Through “mining” somatic intelligence, you can enhance your capacity to embrace the challenges of real life.

Practice: Stand tall on the earth, begin to breathe into your heart.  Let your heart’s radius expand and contract with each breath.  Envision the light of compassion emanating from your heart center.  Let the light fill your entire body.  As you feel your body fill with light,     shine light on your thoughts and emotions.  Welcome all facets of your experience.  Allow any thought or feeling to soak in as much light as needed and then float on like clouds in the sky.

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