“Who we are is the process of learning to align thoughts, words and actions with our highest intentions [1].”

The “self-critic” does it best, but imprisons us and inhibits change.  Self-compassion is the antidote.  Self-Compassion allows us to move forward in alignment with purpose and our values.  Self-Compassion, not criticism, is the catalyst for change.

The three components of self-compassion

  • Emotional mindfulness (grow curious about the depth of your emotional experience)
  • Connection with Collective (shared human experience)
  • True Kindness & Big Picture Perspective (the voice that points you back in the direction of what you really want)

Practice:  Write a letter to yourself expressing compassion to yourself.  Try to include all three components.  Notice when your self-critic is talking.  Invite your self-compassion voice to join the dialogue.


[1] Kelly McGonigal, Neuroscience of Change


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