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Meet Ariel RK…

Hi, I’m Ariel RK or Radack Krassner. I am excited you are here and I will do my best to give you a sense of who I am and what you can expect, based on my background. If you are interested in learning specifically about the coaching experience, click here.

To begin with, my educational background is in Psychology and Eastern Philosophy. I have always been curious about consciousness and system change, and this has lead me to focus my graduate studies around the neuroscience of change and financial psychology.

Before leaving to pursue my own consulting company, I worked as the COO and lead coach of J-SAT. J-SAT is a national consulting company that helps leaders within large governmental organizations and NGOs uplevel their management teams, install learning cultures, and implement evidence-based practices.

I continue to do this coaching/consulting work, and I have also begun to coach and consult with small businesses in the start-up phase.

My passion for coaching and system change stems from a vision I hold for a world that works for all people. All the work that I do tracks with this vision and acts as my “North Star.”

To add, as a Certified Money Map Master, Neurosculpting Facilitator, and experienced Business Coach, I offer a well-rounded experience that blends best coaching practices to get my client’s optimal results.

I look forward to meeting you for a free initial consultation.


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