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Meet Ariel RK, Life & Legacy Coach

Ariel graduated in 2013 from Naropa University with degrees in Somatic Psychology and Yoga Theory & Practice. She began her career as Head Coach and Assistant Director at J-SAT, a national consulting company that helps leaders and organizations uplevel their management teams. She also worked as the Chief People Officer at Cloud Medical, Chief Integrator for Eyes Wide Open and Co-Lead Trainer at Somatic Soul Coaching School.

As a Certified Money Map Master, Somatic Soul Coach, Neurosculpting Facilitator, and experienced Adaptive Leadership Coach, Ariel offers a well-rounded experience that blends best coaching practices and gets her client’s optimal results.

Ariel officially launched her private practice as a coach and consultant in 2017. She specializes in:

On a final note…

Ariel has spent many years feeling deeply confused at the core becasue she wanted to be “a part of the solution” in the work she was doing, while at the same time create the life of her dreams and leave a Legacy–she wasn’t sure how to fit it all togeher. 

She has self-tested and researched many methods for transformation in order to discover what it truly means to live “on purpose” –and she now shares her unique method with her clients.

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