The Coaching Experience

The 1-on-1 coaching experience is holistic, radically honest and founded in evidence-based approaches to personal and professional growth.

As an executive and business coach, I focus on the soft and hard skills associated with leading a mission to success. I do not just coach the individual, I coach the role of the individual within the larger system, and always seek to create what I lovingly call, “multiplier effects.”

My philosophy on leadership is fairly simple: be your best self, more of the time. Be yourself all the time.

Coaching focuses will include:

-Transformational leadership practices that impact organizational culture.

-Authentic communication skills to support high-performance relationships.

-Emotional intelligence development.

-Habit hacking for health and productivity.

-The assessment and integration of key strengths and talents.

-The clearing of personal limiting beliefs that are creating barriers to success.

-Addressing supports needed to achieve the “moonshot” goals of the year (the goals that seem out of reach right now)

The benefits of this form of coaching are truly holistic, and do not just impact the individual (YOU), but the ecosystems in which they reside.

While this coaching is far from a therapeutic approach, there are lasting emotional and developmental benefits.

Each coaching package is custom fit for the context and additional business development support, workload analysis, and/or communication skills training for staff may be included if necessary for meeting the goals of coaching.

If you are interested in exploring this unique opportunity for multiplicative transformation, click the link below to schedule a consult.

During that call, we will find clarity around you needs for a coach and if I am the right fit for you and your business/organization.

The Journey IS JUST BeginING