The Coaching Experience

Each client experience and journey is customized for the context and the goals of the client.

My framing for 1:1 coaching is ultimately a self-initiated hero/heroine’s journey, punctuated by business strategy and iterative design.

I focus on the subtle “soft” skills and as well as the “hard” skills associated with leading a mission-driven business to success. As a natural born systems thinker and new paradigm entrepreneur, I am also looking to see how to maximize profit, joy and impact at the same time.

Our coaching focuses will likely include the following areas of business (depending on your needs):

Branding and messaging

Pricing and packaging

Sales & communication skill development

Community leadership

Time management and habit change

Healing around relationship money, time and self-worth

Ps. my philosophy on business is fairly simple: do YOUR part to help the world, don’t try to save the whole world. I believe that when we follow our natural talents and zones of joy, this will lead us to truly find what we are great at and who in our communities we can truly help. Being truly helpful will always lead to success.