Ariel is the person you want to stand by your side when you tackle the most important issues in your life.  For me it was weight loss and habitual self-shaming.  Ariel has an upbeat manner and is positive.  It is great to look beyond what I think I know and focus on the areas that I really want to improve.  My sessions were positive, creative, and surprisingly insightful.

Ariel really listens.  She heard not only what I said but also those things left unsaid.  She helped me reconnect with the compassionate voice that I didn’t know was lacking.  Her questions were penetrating, her discoveries were magically transcendent and our conversations were enchanting.  I am forever grateful.

Because of Ariel, I am back to loving myself like I did as a child increasing my passion for and enjoyment of life.  My dreams are alive again, my behaviors align with those dreams, and yes, I am fitting into smaller size jeans.  So much is possible with Ariel in your corner.  I recommend her for any life coach situation.

-K.K., M. Div.